Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Indian Summer Blog Book Swap

Happy August! Wow, I cannot believe August is already here.  I love a good book.  Actually, if you are like me, you understand that my TBR (to-be-read) pile keeps growing, my current reading pile includes more than four books, and my book wish list is endless.  I love books!  My Nana introduced me to books when I was very small.  She took me on my first library trip.  I love mysteries, historical fiction, chicklit, and fiction. My dear friend and booklover, Angie thought of this idea and asked me to co-host this blog book sway with her.   Angie and I met blogging in 2010.  We have been really close friends, just like sisters!!  

So I’m delighted to announce that I teamed up with Angie to bring to you a Indian Summer Book Swap to celebrate the summer season just a little bit longer! We hope that if you love books, it will be the start of growing a book loving community. And if you are not a blogger, fear not.  You are still welcome to join us!
We will be paring bloggers with bloggers and non-bloggers with non-bloggers. Here are the details of the swap:
Because we want to extend the summer season :) here are a few guidelines to assist you:
·         a summer read preferably BUT not necessarily
·         a book from your partner’s wishlist
·         a book that you think your partner would love
·         *optional-any other odds and ends related to summer or books
Some deadlines:
·         Sign-ups open on Friday, August 5th.
·         Sign-ups close on Friday, August 26th.
·         Your partner assignment will be on Monday, August 29th
·         You must mail your box out by September 10th.
We will provide a link-up for bloggers on September 15.  This will allow you to receive and write a post about your experience (which we hope will be fantastic) and the package. Please note we are asking that posts are linked by June 20th-please link up a post summarizing your experience/package by September 19th!
Of course, we have some rules to make sure we all have a wonderful time:
·         After signing up for the swap, please share this swap on twitter, facebook or you blog. This will help spread the word to others about the swap! You must do this within 3 days of signing up.
·         Packages must include three books as stated in the swap objective. Be prepared to spend at least 15-20 dollars on your package, not including shipping. There are no price limits.
·         Send books to your partner that will fit their interests as best as possible. Email them and get to know them while curating their package!
·         Packages must be mailed by September 10th. If you have any problems, email your partner and host immediately.
·         All packages require a tracking number, You must email this tracking number to your host and your partner after you mail the package.  Again, we want to ensure we all receive our packages in time.
·         I do not mean to be tough but if you sign up for the swap, please do not drop out. By signing up for this swap, you are committing to following through with the swap.
·         After receiving your package, please take the time to write about your experience and link it up. We are giving the link up a few weeks to be open so that you can take the time to even start reading a book and review it, if you so choose.
We don’t want anyone to be left out of the swap, so please let the host know if something arises that will prohibit you from participating.
This swap is open to U.S. residents only. We hope to open it up internationally the next time around. Sorry!

Please go over to http://maria-baer.com/  This is Angie's blog.  You then click on blog and go to her August 1st post and you will see at the bottom you can click to fill out the form to register for this wonder blog swap!


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NanaDiana said...

Oh- Have fun with your book swap, Sherri. Wish I had time to join.Hope it goes great for you. xo Diana

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