Monday, December 13, 2010

Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden with Christmas Lights!

Saturday night our oldest daughter, Megan and her husband,Ken joined John and I at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden to see the Christmas light displays. We also went to hear my friend, Robbin from knitting group play the bells with her Church. They did a great job! The lights were absolutely beautiful and it was like walking through an enchanted land! We had such a wonderful time walking through the orchid conservatory and then outside to the lovely gardens. They had carriage rides and train rides (the train was really a tram made to look like a train). We had some wonderful hot chocolate and spiced cider, which kept the chill in the air away. Here are some pictures of our lovely visit to DSBG and I can't wait to go again next year!

First off I have to apologize for my night time photography, it isn't the greatest but you will get the idea.

This is the entrance to DSBG-it was just beautiful walking up to this and then entering a holiday wonderland!!

This was one of the 4 angels that greeted us.

When you enter the main building there was this huge orchid Christmas tree! Just gorgeous-there was hundred of orchids on here!!

All throughout the building there were arrangements like this. Just so sparkly and beautiful!

All the arrangements had these beautiful jeweled butterflies in them.

Inside the room where alot of weddings are held was this gorgeous chandelier!

There are 2 arbor walkways and they had them lit up with these lovely purple flower lights and green leaves and vines!

Lovely snowflake/star lights in the tree

All throughout the ground they had red, white and blue Christmas balls hanging from the trees.


Walking to the entrance of the conservatory were these wonderful lit palm trees.

These red Christmas balls were hanging from the ceiling of the orchid conservatory-just beautiful!

There is a pool which has been dyed black and these 2 poinsettia arrangements were "floating" in the pool.

All throughout the conservatory were beautiful poinsettia arrangements like this. I love the color combination.

This is one of the pretty orchids they had growing at the beginning of the conservatory. Just absolutely gorgeous, this picture doesn't do it justice!

What holiday season wouldn't be complete without a "kissing" ball! This one is made from air ferns!

Here is something you don't see every day-a Christmas tree made out of Bromelaids!

There was a train set up and going around the track in the conservatory too. It was a really big hit with all the children visiting DSBG.

Here are the lights all throughout the grounds:

Hummingbird on a flower

This lovely dove flying past the trees and you can see the Orchid Conservatory in the background.

Christmas Bells outlined on a hedge.

These lovely blue arches through one section of the gardens.

Poinsettia outline.

A walkway was lined with these cute toy soldiers.

This is one of the small fountains.

There is a fountain that sprays over the path and it was lit up beautifully! Of course, they have a path that goes around each side too so you don't get wet!

This is the largest fountain at DSBG. It looked like it was on fire that night.

Another lovely fountain with doves flying.

There were groups of these lovely white "snowball" lights in the trees.

There is a white garden at DSBG, which is just gorgeous when all the flowers are blooming. This is what it looked like Saturday night!

This beautiful oversized silver ornament was hanging in the back arbor of the white garden.

This lovely group of oversized silver ornaments was hanging in the trellis you walked through to get into the white garden. I would love to have this in my yard!!

There was a gate with these beautiful wreaths hanging on them as you left the white garden. I would love to have this gate at my house!

As we were leaving just outside the door was this beautiful Christmas tree all deck out in gold!

This little angel sent us on our way!

I know there were alot of pictures, but I really could have taken so many more! If you are ever in North Carolina, please check out the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden no matter what time of year it is-it is well worth you time!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. Fantastic pics, Sherri. Thanks so much for sharing. It must have taken forever to get this post set up. Love your header pic, that is just gorgeous.

  2. Kaye, that post did take a long time, but I loved it there so much I wanted to share it all!!

  3. Thanks for taking me along on you tour, Sherri :-) I love the photos!

  4. My DIL has a yearly pass for there and I think we need to go with her some day. It looks lovely.

  5. What a gorgeous place to visit! And you got wonderful photos! It's hard taking them at night! Enjoy your week! ♥

  6. Wow! I kept going back and forth through the pics to see them over and beautiful, Sherri!
    Thank you for sharing this.
    Your header is amazing!

  7. Gorgeous, Sherri! Loved all your photos. What a fun and festive way to spend an evening!


  8. Oh my, how beautiful. I would love to wander through there. The butterflies are amazing and I love the walkways. Thanks for sharing - this post must have been a lot of work.

  9. Gorgeous garden/light show! I loved that bromeliad tree!

  10. Beautiful Christmas displays.... Great photos.

    Love your new header. That red cardinal sits like a king on his perch! He's beautiful!

  11. Such beautiful photos - what a magical way to start the season! Happy Holidays Sherri!



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