Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Last night I got my hair chopped off!

Over the weekend and during the day yesterday I just decided my hair has gotten way too long for me. I started to feel weighed down. I have very thick hair. Where I had been going to get my hair done kept telling me I definitely could wear my hair in one layer. No way! My hair just gets so weighed down and has no body when I let it grow that way. At first it seemed to be working and then all of a sudden it got almost to my shoulders and I realized no way is this working!! Yesterday I had just had it, so I called the salon I used to go to (Harmony Salon in Blakeney), made an appt. for 6:00 and bit the bullet! I love what Heather (my stylist) did to my hair!!! She listened to everything I told her I thought was happening to my hair and thoughts I had about what should be done. Funny thing that happened when I was there, she asked me where I was originally from. I told her and she said she was born in Vernon, NJ. OMG, that is about 2 towns away from where I lived and grew up! Jenny, my youngest daughter used to do downhill ski racing at the ski area in Vernon!! Small world isn't it! She was so nice and did a fabulous job! I am so glad I had this done, I feel so much better and the best thing is this salon is right up the road from where we will be moving in April!! I guess Owen will have to find something else to pull on while Nana is holding him-LOL!!

In all the rush last night I forgot to take a picture. John took one this a.m. I'll post it after I get home from knitting tonight.

Everyone have a great day!!


NanaDiana said...

Good for your, Sherri! I am getting mine semi-chopped on Thursday! I have thick heavy hair too but I look awful with short hair. Shoulder length works for me- it is just keeping it at that length that is difficult. xo Diana

Mary (Bookfan) said...

I'm so glad you found a stylist to listen to you, Sherri. I have thick hair as well and know that from time to time it needs to be layered, etc. I go in this Saturday for my hair color/cut :)

Anonymous said...

Yeay! I think you look pretty no matter what. I'm actually getting mine cut short again tomorrow.

Low Tide High Style said...

I can't wait to see it Sherri! I did the same thing a few months ago and I love the change!


Stela Dimitrov said...

It intrigues me to see that newly chopped off hair of yours. =) I’m happy that you’ve managed to capture it. But it would do great if you got some before and after photo, for us to see the changes. In any case, I’m pretty sure you had a wonderful hairstyle by now especially that you’ve got a dependable stylist!

Stela Dimitrov

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