Monday, June 8, 2009

The gradual move is going very well!

Well we are definitely off to a good start! Saturday after the garage sale John and I loaded up our cars and took more things over to the townhouse. He had to be at work at 2:30, so Teddy and I stayed and unpacked all the kitchen items. Yesterday we got up and had our breakfast on the screened porch (probably the last one we'll have out there). We then proceeded to fill up our cars and then Megan called and said she would be over with her new car (2008 Ford Edge)to help move boxes over too! We took 2 loads in the 3 vehicles and that was every since box in the downstairs half of the house, all my hanging clothes in my closet and some pictures! I thought we did really great! I think by the time Friday rolls around we will only have to move the furniture, everything else will be at the townhouse by then. Tomorrow night Jenny is coming down and we're moving most of the plants in her Ford Escape. The girls have been a huge help with this move. Some times I can't do alot of lifting with my neck, it seems to be affecting my right hand. I guess the really heavy boxes I'll have to leave for someone else. Tonight I'll be taking all my baking sheets and cutting boards over to the townhouse and I'll unpack more things. Some of the things I won't be able to until the furniture arrives but I can atleast get some things done ahead of time. Overall I think we are doing great!


Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage said...

Wow, there's always so much work involved in moving. I remember it well, we moved so many times over the years. It's always nice to have some help too.

Hope the rest of the move goes well!

Enjoy your day!

Sherri said...

Thanks Donna!

Kay said...

I do remember how much work it took to move. Please be sure to take breaks and not rush everything. It doesn't all have to be done in the first week. :-)

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