Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I could so use this right now!

John and I have been going none stop with the packing, moving things to the new townhouse, unpacking, cleaning, potting up plants and we really could use some rest and relaxation about now. Last night we were getting ready for bed and he was walking all stooped over, I had stepped on a piece of glass and was hopping around on one foot, I was also telling him how I had pulled a small muscle in my back lifting a potted plant out of Jenny's SUV when we just looked at each other and started laughing hysterically! We both realized we looked like a couple that was about 90 yrs. old and here we are only 54 and 49! This too shall pass but in the mean time I'm dreaming of the picture above and a pina colada!!


Roses and Lilacs said...

I really don't know why but for some reason your post reminded me of Jimmy Buffet's song Margaritaville (heard this morning on the way to work). Probably because of the cut foot. As you say this will soon pass and in the meanwhile, have a margarita or two and pretend your on a beach. Good luck.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Hello Sherri,

I can't believe how far behind I am at touching base with you! You have been through so much in the last month! I'm so sorry about Jenny and your move...God has a plan, even though we may not know what it is!

Keeping you in my prayers!
Kathi :)

Sherri said...

Marnie-I heard Margaritaville the other day on the way to work too! Maybe it's trying to tell me something! I could use a margarita right now-LOL!! I'm having trouble with my right hand (the 3 fingers mainly) too much wrapping and unwrapping I think!

mysteryhistorymom said...

Sherri- I'll meet you on the beach! After moving, you MORE than deserve a giant pina colada! I hope that your foot is feeling better after it's encounter with the glass.:( Lori

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage said...

Oooo, that would be nice. Don't work too hard!


Joyce said...

The only good thing about moving is getting rid of things that somehow managed to accumulate. Well, I kinda like change too, so it is fun to have things in different places and all of the newness. Okay, moving isn't so bad. We have always moved ourselves and that stinks. I can relate to your pain. I will join you for a pina colada anytime!!!

Mary said...

Maybe when all the dust settles from the move, etc. you and John can drive to the shore and stick your toes in the water and sip a pretty drink (brought to your beach chairs by a handsome pool boy, of course).

Sherri said...

I wish I could meet all of you at the Beach, sip margaritas and dip our toes in the ocean water! What fun we would have!!

Kay said...

Soon, it will all be over and you will look back on all this and just smile, if not laugh again. I do speak from experience.

Ring of Kerry, Ireland
My husband, John and I went to Ireland for our 25th Wedding Anniversary in 2004. We had an awesome trip and we will never forget it. We actually got to visit our friends who live in Northern Ireland. We spent 3 wonderful days with them! The picture above was taken when we visited The Ring of Kerry. The beauty of Ireland is just spectacular! If you ever get a chance visit there.
Megan is my oldest daughter. She and Ken were married on April 12, 2008. It was a wonderful ceremony and reception!
Jenny and Kevin at their wedding 8/30/08. The wedding was at our home and turned out wonderful! Everyone had such a good time!