Monday, June 15, 2009

It's back to work at the office today.

I made it to work in record time this morning from the new house. It only took me 25 minutes. My trip used to be between 45-55 mins. School is out now too so that helps. There are alot less traffic lights and we are 15 mins. closer. I didn't know that I was suppose to work the front desk this morning. Our regular receptionists last day was Friday and usually the other girl from accounting takes over the front desk but she has payroll. I will be up here all morning, which is really boring. I can't work on any of my projects while I'm up here so I just have to wait for the phone to ring. Oh well I get to get caught up on my posts, etc. I also updated my new address on some of my personal accounts, like Netflix, etc. Tonight John doesn't have to work so I think we'll hang some paintings. I have a few other boxes to unpack too in the Dining Room. We have decided we aren't going to kill ourselves unpacking the little we have left to do-when 9:00 or 9:30 comes we are done for the night. My Mom, sister, Sue and nephew, Troy is coming for a visit next Tuesday afternoon through Sunday. I'm glad it's not this week!!


Brenda Leyland said...

Sherri, I love your new banner photo. Very pretty.

Joyce said...

Congrats on a successful move, Sherri! You are one organized person! Your courtyard looks great and I love the fountain! Ahhh, now to relax!!

Ring of Kerry, Ireland
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