Friday, June 5, 2009

It is like a monsoon outside-YIKES!!

It is raining here so hard, it is like a monsoon! I am looking out of my office window and I can hardly see the trees about 50 feet from my window!! It is blowing and there is flooding. I am hoping it stops for the weekend for our neighborhood garage sale. I am also going to be moving some small boxes (kitchen things and bathroom items) over to the townhouse tomorrow afternoon and Sunday, so it would be just grand if it wasn't raining! This isn't good for our projects at work either. The one project hasn't dried out from the last torrential rains we had! We have had an awful lot of rain this year, but I guess it is better than what we had for the last 2 years-severe drought! I was wondering if the power was going to go out-that would be horrible for such a thing to happen on a Friday wouldn't it-, LOL!!!!


Mary said...

Sherri, I sure hope this means the drought is over! I also hope the sun comes out soon because too much rain isn't good either (we had that last year - lots of flooding). Hope you get lots accomplished between the two houses this weekend. I'm thinking about you all and wishing you an easy move!!

Catherine Holman said...

You can send that rain my way! I hope your weekend works out to be bright and shiny!

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage said...

Hi Sherri,
Sounds like you're getting more rain than us. The sun is shining bright today! Makes me happy.

Enjoy your day!

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