Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Mini Monet-just amazing!!

Today I needed to take a break from working on some contracts so I looked at There was a story about this boy, Kieron Williamson, who turned 8 today. He is from a tiny British market town called Holt. It seem Kieron is like every other 8 year old except for his painting gift! The picture above was one he painted. He is being called "Mini Monet"!

The first sign something seriously big was afoot came last summer, when Kieron first exhibited his art at the Picturecraft Gallery. He earned $22,338 (14,000 British pounds) for 19 of his paintings.

In December, Kieron had his second exhibition at a gallery: it expected to show his paintings for a month, but each and every work was snapped up within 15 minutes of the gallery opening. The paintings, which netted $27,125 (17,000 British pounds), flew off the gallery walls so fast that Kieron’s mom didn’t even get a chance to view the exhibition! By the time last week’s third exhibit opened, Kieron was a full-fledged phenomenon. Buyers from as far away as New York City and South Africa came for the sale; a couple from Philadelphia camped out for two days outside the gallery for the chance to snatch up one of his works.

What a talented young man. He said he loves painting but he likes football as well! His parents should be so proud of him and I hope he continues to paint and show his works to the world!


  1. What a wonderful talent. Wouldn't it be great to be able to paint like that?

  2. Wow! I wish I could see one if his paintings in person. They look amazing on the computer screen.

  3. I admire anyone who can paint. What a talented young man. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. I looked his name up and checked out some of his paintings. He is remarkably talented. Wow!