Friday, August 20, 2010

Whine about the weather!

I am sorry to say but I am jumping on the bandwagon of whining about the weather! Yesterday we had some wonderful thunder, lightning and rain storms here in Charlotte. I thought it would be good because that would eliminate the humidity and the extemely hot temps-well was I wrong!! It is now like a tropical rainforest here! We really needed the rain here, even the trees were starting to droop and I'm all for a rainy day to relax and read, but the humidity is really horrendous!! It affects everything. Doors don't seem to close as good, your hair is out of control, nothing seems to fit right because it is sticking to you body, etc., etc.

Can you tell I am so ready for Fall to arrive it isn't even funny! Hope everyone has a great Friday!!


  1. I know what you mean about humidity and the doors and hair!! My hair is fine anyways and talk about poker straight within 30 minutes of going outside...hate it. I too am ready for fall.

  2. I. Hate. Heat. I am with you, Sweets. Where is Fall??? Lori

  3. Well I don't want Fall because that's way too close to winter but we could use some rain. The forest fires burning out of control in the next province over has smoke coming in like crazy into our city. Our air quality is poor and it's making breathing not so pleasant. They're saying we're going to have a shift in the wind direction that should help-I hope it happens soon. And I hope your rain stops soon!

    Have a great weekend if you can!

  4. I'm so sorry. I sure do know what that's like. We call it Kona weather here. I'll be hoping for cooler, dryer weather for you.