Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nice dinner and visit last night!

Last night Jenny and Kevin had us over for dinner. John drove me to work and picked me up so we would only have one car and so that we could ride together. Jenny made a wonderful spinach dip and a Rachael Ray dish with macaroni, chicken and a little wine. She is really blossoming in her cooking talents :)! For dessert she made really great cupcakes (they were lemon, which was wonderful) with chocolate frosting. She really put alot of thought into that because she knows I love lemon and her father is a chocolate-aholic!! We all chatted about movies, books, their house, etc. and just had a wonderful time! We will have to do it again soon! Thanks Jenny and Kevin-we love you both!!


  1. You have been having some wonderful events lately, Sweets. Good for you! The dinner sounds amazing! Lori

  2. What a great visit - the food sounds wonderful!

    I love your new header- lavender is my favorite!