Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tonight is Knitting Group!

Tonight is knitting group! I had to end up ripping out the baby blanket I was working on. I found out I forgot to knit 10 rows to start the blanket. I really don't know how I missed that. I put it down to more practice! I have quite a bit done and it is looking really good. When I get a few more rows done, I will post it on here. I will definitely post it when it is completed too.

I'm bringing along the knitting book I won too. I want all the girls to see Diane's (Bibliophilebythesea.blogspot.com) daughters (along with her co-authors) talent. I have already shown this book to my friend on Saturday and she is going to make one of the sweaters!

The ladies in this group are very special to me-they make me laugh, look at the positive things in the world, we pray for each other, chat and just about anything can be talked about and shared!

I hope all you knitter's check out Diane's daughters book-it is really worth a peek and purchase!


  1. Have fun tonight Sherri. I love the colors for the blanket.

  2. Diane-that isn't my knitting in the picture. I am knitting the blanket with white and baby blue. I'll post a picture soon!

  3. Have fun tonight, I've let my knitting slide lately,

    Victoria xx

  4. You're lucky you have such a great knitting group. I think I'm going to join one that we have out here or at least see if it's a good one or not.

    I'm making a cable afghan right now and I think it'll look great once I get more done. With winter coming it's the perfect time to knit.