Saturday, August 21, 2010

Thoughts of Autumn and Knitting

I know my header conjures up wonderful summer moments but I have noticed Fall is starting to creep into the scene lately. The leaves are started to turn on some of the bushes around here and some of the flowers are just getting plain exhausted from their wonderful summer show of brilliant color. While it has been very hot here in the Southeast I am sure a little cooler weather will be making its appearance shortly. Not only does it seem Mother Nature is getting into the Autumn mode I have been entertaining thoughts of Autumn! The other day I made an apple crisp for work and that seemed to start the ball rolling towards thinking differently. That smell of apples and cinnamon were just enough to push me gently toward the next season! I love candles with Autumn scents, apples, pumpkins, Indian corn, beautiful wreaths,the smell of woodsmoke from peoples wood burning fireplaces, beautiful colored leaves, etc. Autumn colors are so rich and glorious! I know some of you (especially people who live in Northern climes) are saying, "is she crazy with Autumn coming that means old man Winter is just around the corner!!" I can't help it-I really love that time of year!

I have rediscovered knitting, which works well for this time of year too! I go every Tuesday to a little knitting shop in Mint Hill, NC called Cottage Yarn. We bring all of our projects that we want to work on. It is very therapeutic for me after a long day at work! I looked online for some pictures to share with all of you that represent this lovely hobby of mine and here is what I found:

The wonderful art of Knitting!

I just love the colors in this yarn! Just gorgeous! I might have to contact the person on and buy some of this gorgeous yarn!

Aren't these little black and white lambs adorable! I just love all the lovely wool yarns that are available today!

You just have to love the alpaca! They have such cute little faces. I love their yarn because some wools are scratchy and I react to the rough texture, but alpaca is very smooth and luxurious feeling! If you are allergic to wool try alpaca-it is wonderful!

I would love any of these 3 afghans keeping me warm on a chilly day or night! Sitting in my reading chair with a cup of tea and one of these beauties would be a perfect time for me!

This lovely ivory lace knitted shawl is just gorgeous! Someday I really want to learn how to knit lace. It is so gorgeous! I think this shawl is so delicate it is just gorgeous and reminds me of the weight of a spiders web.

So in conclusion, I am getting myself ready for Autumn and will probably be knitting alot more this year! Enjoy whatever season you are in at the moment! Off to have some hot tea!!


  1. I am also so ready for Fall, even though I live in the north. Summer was too hot this year and I am not as much of a beach person as I use to be.

    The photos are gorgeous; love the aplaca one especially.

    Have a great weekend Sherri

  2. Sherri, I have been behind on my replies so here are a couple of things: First, I read you were feeling under the weather? I hope you are better. 2) I love the books reviews and recommendations you posted :) 3) And I am ready for Autumn too. Yesterday I drove by the farmer's market and noticed they are selling muscadine grapes, and they are my favorite. To me that is always an indication that Fall is around the corner.

  3. I love afghans! I really liked the red and yellow ones you showed. I am not a big fan if fringed afghans, because I keep getting my toes caught in the fringe!

  4. I love to knit too. Those afghans are gorgeous! I also want to learn how to knit one of those lace shawls. I have yarn and a pattern, but have never tried it yet. I'm like you, I can't wait until fall. I love everything that goes along with the fall season. I'll have to check out that knit shop sometime. Love & blessings from NC!

  5. What a lovely treat for the eyes this morning, Sherri! My goodness! I loved the lambs and that yellow afghan is yummy!:)


  6. I'm ready for some cooler temps but not the snow. I do not like snow as I'm sure you've heard from me numerous times. lol. Right now though I'd even prefer winter to the forest fire smoke we have blanketing our city. It's really horrible.

    I love knitting. As a matter of a fact the cable blankets you've shown is exactly what I'm working on. I haven't gotten too far though. When I get a bit further I'll post a picture. I'm doing it in strips of autumn colors and then I'll stitch them together. I think it's going to look great.

    I hope you and hubby have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I'm ready for Fall, too, but it doesn't come around here until October/November.
    I LOVE the pictures of the wooly lambs and alpaca... too cute!!
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Jo :)

  8. Jo, same here Autumn doesn't come until Oct. sometimes Nov. Where are you located? I'm in Charlotte, NC.

  9. I have found myself adding the pumpkin or apple cinnamon scented candles to my Etsy cart....and looking for someone to teach me to knit. Enjoy!

  10. I love afghans. I adore alpaca and knit with it most of the time. I have fallen in love with visiting a nearby alpaca farm and now feel a real connection with the yarn I knit with and things I make. Right now I'm knitting baby things for a couple of friends.

    The colors of the yarn in your pictures are beautiful.