Friday, July 11, 2008

Gloomy Day Here in Charlotte, NC

Today is rainy and gloomy out! TGIF!!!! My office is moving to its new location in 1 week. I hope everything goes smoothly. I have been the moving coordinator and it hasn't been easy that's for sure! Trying to move 26 men and 5 women never would be fun or easy!! So far everything is right on schedule and I hope it stays that way!! Everyone have a great day!


  1. Good luck on your office move. I remember when my husband was one of those in charge of moving the EPA location to another area and he's still got the bright yellow t-shirt on the back that says in large letter, "ASK ME!"

  2. Kay, that is so funny about the t-shirt! I am going to have a bright yellow one made up that says "DON'T ASK ME"!! Just kidding, but it would be cute!

  3. Moving day! I remember my last job we did that, oh my, I feel your pain :). I hope your weekend is full of sunshine :).