Sunday, July 13, 2008

Re tiling our Master Bath 7-13-08

This is where I have been all weekend! We had tiles coming up on our master bath floor, so I pulled all the loose ones up, coated them all with adhesive and reset them. That took me almost all day Saturday and part of today. I lifted and reset about 56 tiles!! Needless to say my back, legs and knees are shot tonight!! Ouch!! As you can see they are all done and ready to grout tomorrow night after work. I also started to break up the cracked tiles in our Laundry Room. The tiles couldn't be matched so John started ripping them all up. After I finished with the Master Bath I'll start putting the new tiles down in the laundery room and grout them. This is all in prep for putting the house on the market. I can't wait for those 2 rooms to be done! It looks nice though.


  1. Wow I am seriously impressed, this was the one area we wouldn't touch on our bathroom remodel!

  2. Sarah, you were the smart ones!! The tiles in the master bath run on a diagonal which was really fun! The laundry room just runs straight that will be easier! I could scream at the builders tilers, they let the thin set get too dry and then put the tiles down that is why they started coming loose-uugggghhhhh! Oh well tonight I'll grout and they will be better than new!!

  3. Sherri, you did a great job setting the tiles on the diagonal! Ours are like that too and I hope I never have to replace them. I know you'll see a payoff from all your hard work.

  4. Thanks Mary! It wasn't easy but the grouting tonight should go pretty quickly-not as much work!

  5. You have a gorgeous bathroom, Sherri. I like the diagonal look of the tiles. Very lovely and modern. I'm so amazed that you did them yourself. That is serious work.


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