Monday, July 28, 2008

Today I went plant shopping for the office!

The office needed some real live plants. I offered to go shopping for some plants, which I would pot up, water and fertilize. I really don't like fake plants especially since our office is suppose to be "green". I bought 10 plants at Home Depot and I still need 4 more. I bought palm trees, dracena, rubber plant, bird of paradise, peace lilies and 2 other plants I don't know what they are. Tomorrow morning I will repot these plants and place them throughout the office. It should look so much nicer and cozy!


  1. I take care of our plants at work as well, people are always amazed we have real plants. People will appreciate you going "green" :)

  2. Kathi-I really can't stand silk plants! I know some people love them but I myself need to see real. I offered to buy them and take care of them and everyone was all for it. We have about 27 men in the office and only 5 women so it makes sense that none of them would take care of them. I really enjoy it!