Sunday, July 27, 2008

Miros Spanish Grille was a hit!!

John and I went to dinner at Miros last night with our friends from the neighborhood and it was wonderful!! I don't know why in the 4 yrs. of living here we hadn't eaten there before. I had Churrasco de Cerdo, which is:

Seasoned pork tenderloin topped with chimichurri sauce, served with black beans, plantains, and white rice.

John had Mero Azafran, which is:

Grilled fresh grouper fillet with sauteed jumbo shrimp in a light saffron sauce, served with spanish white rice

I also had my first mojito and it was wonderful!! I love mint and this drink is so refreshing!! For dessert John had the chocolate lava cake and I had 3 meal cake, which was to die for!! I am putting this restaurant at the top of my list!!

The company was wonderful too! Our neighbors are such exciting people. They are traveling alot of the time. In the Fall they are going to VietNam and Cambodia. This spring they had gone to South Africa and late Spring to Mexico. They showed us a map of the world when we stopped by their house before we went home and there are so many little brass pins where they have been. They don't brag though about all the things they have done, they tell you such interesting things about the places they have gone!! They have brought beautiful artifacts home with them from where ever they have visited too! I was especially interested in the Raku pottery, which was just exquisite!!


  1. Dom and I have decided that after Shelby moves home, we're going to start going places. Maybe not Vietnam and South Africa - more like a trip to south of Atlanta to see a baby zebra. But it's a start!

    And I'm going to make plans to meet a special blogger friend in Greenville, SC SOON!

    Your dinners sounded delicious!

  2. Lynne-I hope that Blogger friend is me!! Wait until after DD#2's wedding (which is 8/30). It will be cooler then too. YAY on the going places! Once DH and I sell this house and have a little cash we are going to travel a little too! Not S. Africa or Vietnam but some place. I'd love to go West again!

  3. YUMMMMY!! Wish we had a place like around here.

  4. Yum Sherri... that sounds really delicious! You have a lovely blog here. Thanks for visiting me as well. :c)

  5. Oooh I love Mojito's too...sounds like a delicious restaurant all round

  6. Your dinner sounds wonderful! I'll have to see if we have a restaurant similar here in MN :).


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