Saturday, July 26, 2008

I just took a walk around the garden and I thought I'd share!

I think the Carolina Jasmine is taking over our lantern!! I guess the Carolina Jasmine loves the column and lantern!!

This hosta blossom just looked so beautiful there in the garden. It is blooming on my Avocado hosta I planted last year.

The Rex Begonia has grown about twice it's size so far. I am going to take some cuttings from the back to make other plants.

My banana tree has grown so much over the last few months-just had to share!!

It is a little overcast today here in Charlotte so I thought it would be a great day to take photos! Hope you enjoy them!!


  1. Oh wow! This was so much fun. I loved walking around your garden. You have a banana tree!!! I wonder if you get bananas.

  2. Hi Sherri! Your yard is beautiful and the flowers look so happy. Thanks for coming by my blog. Have a great day. :c)

  3. Sherri, your garden is so pretty! You have a very nice blog!

  4. Thanks everyone for you very nice comments. I have gardened since I was 5 yrs. old. My paternal grandmother was a big gardener and she had me start my first garden when I was 5! I had violets (wild ones we dug up in the yard), four o' clocks and zinnias. I will never forget all the gardening times I had with Nana!

    Kay-I haven't got banannas yet and the plant is 6 yrs. old. I don't know if this variety will ever get them. I bought this tree in NJ when I lived there and brought it with me. Here in Charlotte, NC I can plant it in the ground and it dies off in winter but comes back every spring!

  5. The foliage of the plants against the red brick is so lovely. I like the effect of the overcast day in the photos. It looks so beautiful and summery.

    Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  6. I loved walking through your garden, I can almost smell the jasmine. I know some of your southern folks don't care for it but I love it! :)


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