Monday, November 9, 2009

A Christmas Carol Movie

John and I went to see the new Christmas Carol movie by Disney. We went to the 3-D IMAX theater across the street. It was really amazing to see it in 3-D-it made it so realistic. We both really liked it! Jim Carrey is an amazing actor, he played a few roles in the movie and he made a really great Scrooge. It was an animated version but like Polar Express they looked human. I don't remember the technical term for that animation. It was only about 1 hr. and 30 mins. long. If I had really small children I wouldn't take them to see it because some of the parts are kind of scary especially in 3-D. It really puts you in the holiday mood though! I can't believe Christmas is next month!!


  1. HI Cheryl, Good Morning!....My daughter Mallory went to the movie over the weekend too & LOVED it! She thought the very same thing, maybe not good for small children though. :) I am so looking forward to Christmas this year!!!...Want to make it a homemade one!!...Enjoy your MOnday!....LOve, Heidi XO

  2. I'm glad to finally hear a review on this movie. I want to see it now! The Christmas spirit has come early for me this year, too:)

  3. Hey Sherri, Thanks for the feedback. It's always fun to go see a new Christmas movie this time of year.

    Happy Day!

  4. I'm not one of those who generally does animated movies Sherri, but I loved PE so might well try this one too. Thanks.

  5. Thank you for the movie review, Sherri. It's not a movie I would have gone to see but now you've made me curious.

  6. My favorite will always be the Muppets Christmas Carol. :<)


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