Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Morning Tea Ritual

I don't know if many of you know but I'm allergic to coffee. I am a full fledged tea drinker. Everyone morning when I get up I've got to have my Celestial Seasonings Madacasgar Vanilla Red tea. I hope they never stop making it-I would be totally lost! The tea mug in the picture is my very favorite! I have 2 of these mugs that were made by a potter in Sea Grove, NC. I went to one of my favorite pottery shops there called Dirtworks. Actually John picked these out because he loved the "thumb" hold handle. Guess what he never uses them and they have been dubbed "Sherris/Moms mugs" by my entire family. This morning as I was on the computer chatting with all my "cyber" friends I glanced over and saw my fav mug basking in the sunlight and just had to snap this picture! I hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Enjoy the day!!


  1. I too love tea - I'll have to try that brand of Celestial Seasonings. Where would we be without our favorite mug? Everyone has one! Have a great day.

  2. While I'm a coffee lover I'm also a tea lover and drink it every afternoon and night. I also have a hand crafted mug that I use specifically for my tea. I brew a pot every night and right now my favorite is Yogi Tea Bedtime. (I'll try anything to get a good night's sleep, as you know!) After school I drink a variety of green, white and herbal teas. Here's my mug and pot:

  3. That is such a unique cup! I have never seen a thumb holder before.

  4. What a beautiful cup! I have a mocha ritual in the morning and then tea for later in the day.

  5. Beautiful mug. It's fun having a favorite and having two of the same kind is handy. You always have a fresh one at the ready.

    I'm a morning coffee drinker and then tea in the afternoon and evening. Plain old Lipton, with a splash of milk and sugar, please.

  6. I have become a full fledged tea drinker, too. My stomach can't take coffee, but doesn't mind tea thankfully. I have a pantry shelf full of caffeine and herbal teas and you know I work just down the street from Celestial Seasonings, so that's a handy stop from time to time.

    I drink from a commuter mug, I am a spiller. It's easier for me to have a covered mug and I have a collection of those.

  7. That is a great mug! I think I have some of that tea in my kitchen. I'll have to check it out.

  8. I do love my coffee but have to be careful how much I drink as it upsets my tummy and makes me really jittery. The rest of the time is tea but I just love plain old Red Rose. I do however love your mug - it is absolutely beautiful. If I found one like that I'd snap it up in a second.


Ring of Kerry, Ireland
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