Sunday, November 8, 2009

Yesterdays Fall Festival was Great!

Yesterday was the Fall Festival in Megan's neighborhood. I set up my jewelry table and sold about $127.00 worth of jewelry. I was pretty happy with that! There were about 600 people there but there were alot of things for kids to do so the parents were really busy with the kids. I gave alot of cards out and people said they will go to my etsy site and buy some jewelry there. Alot of them didn't bring their wallets either because they didn't know there would be vendors selling things. There were only 11 vendors, but I think I did the best. One poor vendor was selling pumpkin rolls and muffins and she hadn't sold anything by 3:00 when I bought one from her! The event started at 1:00 and was going to 5:00. She only sold 3 total at the end of the day. The girl scouts did really well too with their bake sale. While we were sitting there (John and I) Sir Purr the mascot for the Carolina Panthers football team came and asked if he could sit by John! So here is a picture of the two fo them!

This is what my table looked like when we started at 1:00.

After the Festival we drove Ken, our son-in-law back to their house and ordered pizza. When Megan came home the guys went and picked it up. What a great way to end a really nice day! The weather this weekend has been absolutely gorgeous! Who would know Christmas is next month with the temps at 79 degrees right now and the sun blazing away!! Gotta love North Carolina weather!


  1. Well done on your sales, sounds like it was a great day for you

    Have a good week

    Victoria xx

  2. Wow, happy to hear you sold alot of jewelry at the festival!

    We went to two festivals on the weekend too. Great weather!

    I received my earrings in the mail and will post about this week and link to you! I LOVE the earrings!! They're fabulous!
    Thank you!


  3. congrats on the great sale! What a wonderful way to start the season.

  4. I am glad you enjoyed your time and made the contacts. Glad it was such a nice day, too.

  5. Yae! Congratulations, Sherri! I'm so glad you had such a lovely day.

  6. It was a beautiful weekend here too. These are precious days because nasty weather is just around the corner.

  7. Hi
    I just found you through Sarah . I wish I had met you before because I just had a lunch for NC bloggers! I live in Charlotte too. I wonder if we live near each other?

  8. Well done on your sales Sherri, but I can't say I was surprised, what you show us is always lovely.

  9. Hi Sherri! Your jewelry table looks absolutely beautiful!!! I can't believe all the inventory you have! You are a busy bee! I'm so happy that you had such a successful day there. What a great idea!!


Ring of Kerry, Ireland
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Megan is my oldest daughter. She and Ken were married on April 12, 2008. It was a wonderful ceremony and reception!

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