Monday, November 16, 2009

The parents have left the nest!

My Mom and Dad arrived again on Saturday around 5:30. I had told them on Friday night when they called that if they didn't argue they could come back on their way through from Florida. I feel like the parent now! They agreed they were horrible and that they would behave. Well they kept their promise! John and I took them to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden yesterday and we had a really nice time. There weren't many flowers blooming but the seed pods, grasses, foliage and berries were really pretty. I'll post some pictures tonight when I get home from work. I had taken my Mom there in June when she was down with my sister and nephew. The orchids in the conservatory were absolutely beautiful also. I got some really nice shots of those too. My parents got up super early and left-they crack me up! They are retired and have no animals at home, nothing to worry about but they are constantly in a hurry! They actually made John go upstairs and tell me while I was in the shower to hurry up so they could say good bye and be on their way! What in the world was the big rush. John and I gave a sigh of relief when their car pulled away! I love them but sometimes they are just too much for me to take!

Everyone have a lovely day! I hope it is as sunny as it is here in Charlotte!


  1. I know what you mean about parents, I love mine dearly but sometimes their little habits can be infuriating!

    Victoria xx

  2. I'm glad the return trip was much better, Sherri.
    BTW, I loved Savannah Blues!!!

  3. Hi again,

    Yes all being well I shall be taking over renting my friends flat in about Feb next year. We're just waiting on the confirmation from the landlord!

    Fingers crossed for me!

    Victoria xx

  4. Oh Victoria how exciting!! I'll keep my fingers, legs, arms and eyes crossed for you!! Good luck!

  5. Whew! I can feel your upset right through your words, Sherri. I'll bet you are breathing a sigh of relief to have your own life back.


Ring of Kerry, Ireland
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