Sunday, November 1, 2009

No Trick or Treaters yesterday or last night!

John and I were highly disappointed. We never did get any trick or treaters yesterday or last night. I love to see the little kids come walking up the path to our door in their little costumes. I love the way they say trick or treat. Well none of that for us this year.

Our neighbor was acting up again last night, so that probably kept all the parents away. He sat out on his porch in the dark with a baseball bat! Crabby, old man. Next year we'll probably go over to Megan and Ken's-they have tons of kids!


  1. Good lord! Someone should call the cops on him. That's just wrong!

    {HUGS} for not having any Trick'r'Treaters and I like your plan for next year.

  2. Thanks Vickie. The guy next door is a drinker! He had his Jack Daniels and ice but handy right by his side. Great huh!

  3. Good gracious! That would be enough keep me away. I'm sorry you're having to deal with a neighbor like that.

  4. What a nasty neighbor. No telling what someone like that might do if he has way too much to drink.

    I never get trick of treaters either because I live so far out of town.

  5. Well, I am sorry you were disappointed with your lack of turnout. A bit of an interesting turn of events with your neighbour! Oh my!


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