Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm feeling better, here are some pics I took today!

Today I came home from work sick. I slept most of the day and then got some fresh air in the backyard. I took some pictures because the sun was hitting everything just right. I thought I would share!

Remember in the beginning of the week the pond on the golf course overflowed into the woods behind my house, well here is the woods today. The water absorbed and the pond went back to the normal levels. I like it this way better!

This little chickadee bird house is in the maple tree in my garden. I've seen little chickadees flitting around this little home and now they are taken moss, dog hair and little twigs in there! YAY!

The sun hit the magnolia leaves on my tree in the backyard and I thought they looked so pretty.

This is a Lenten Rose which is growing in my woodland border.

This lovely daffodil is blooming in my yard. I love this double one!

Teddy was playing in the yard this afternoon but I caught him while he was resting.

I noticed when I walked into the sun room today this lovely fragrance. It brought back when I was a little girl and would visit my grandmother after she just put orange blossom perfume on right before I visited her! This is my lemon tree (the fragrance is just like the orange blossom perfume).

Here are the blossoms that are on the lemon tree. There are about 5 clusters of blossoms. I hope the lemons start forming soon.

These are the lovely gifts I received from Heidi
Thank you so much Heidi!!!


Brit' Gal Sarah said...

So glad you're feeling better Sherri, you took some lovely piccies and spring is with you I see!

BTW I have something you might be able to help with posted at mine?

FIONA said...

Glad you're feeling better.

I'm so jealous of your flowers. We still have snow on the ground--but it's melting!

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