Thursday, March 26, 2009

No Heat or Hot Water last night!!

It was pretty chilly at the McDermitt home last night! I got home and the house felt cold, John had been home about 1/2 hr. before me but didn't notice it. I looked at the 2 fireplace pilot lights and they were on. I turned up the heat and nothing. John went up into the attic to check the 2 hot water heaters for our heat and hot water and the pilot was out! This has happened before and we have tried to relight it but it is very tricky. We tried again last night but then ended up calling the gas company. The lady on the phone said we can't have someone out to your house until tomorrow! We explained no heat and no hot water but that didn't work. So we bundled up really good, drank alot of hot tea and this morning we played pioneer with our bathing and hair washing. Well I was the only one who washed her hair, John said he would wait until the gas was back on. I heated the water with our electric tea kettle and a big pot on the stove. Out of all the things to go out I'm glad it was the heat and hot water, electric and water being out is a pain. I hope when I get home everything is back to normal and the gas company finds out why it went out in the first place. Everyone have a great day!

Update: We have heat and hot water now-YAY!!


Joyce said...

The optimism of a woman who braved the elements to have a good hair day!!! How lovely!! You are to be commended! How did you sleep? Brrrrrrrr. Good for snuggling!

Sherri said...

Joyce-Of course, when I woke up this morning I looked like a squirrel!! Any other day my hair would just need to be fluffed up with the blow dryer-Murphy's Law!! We have a down comforter so that kept us nice and toasty. Normally it would have been warm here but not this year!

Kay said...

Thank goodness! I remember when the heat gave out on us when we were in Illinois in January! That was terrible! I'm just really glad you're back to normal and comfortable again. I'm glad it's spring!

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