Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today the weather is awesome!!

It was so nice to eat breakfast on the screened porch this morning! The temp right now is 74 degrees and wonderfully sunny! Our realtor came over and we had iced tea on the back porch while we talked to her and it was heavenly!! She didn't have any more news about our house selling but she is trying. We are going to have 1 more Open House, I think on the 22nd and a Realtor's Luncheon will be schedule for April. We are hoping the scheduling won't be necessary and we'll have a buyer by then! All the little birds are flitting around the trees today singing their happy little songs-it is like listening to a natural symphony to me!! The bluebirds have been coming in the yard and they are so pretty along with the cardinals. More of my plants are waking up from Winter too! I checked the hosta I have in the huge garden pot and the little green "horns" are starting to sprout up! I potted that hosta up last year anticipating a move so I can take it with me. It is a gorgeous one and I didn't want to leave it. Some of these plants in the garden are like children to me! I know crazy but I'm wild about hostas and almost every plant out there! I have 2 plants that will be coming with me too that my Grandmother had given to me when I was a little girl and I'll be 50 in July! Well I'm headed outside again to read and rest up. Feeling much better today but don't want to have a relapse from this terrible sinus infection. Everyone get outside and enjoy the warmth!!


Kay said...

It's really a depressing market to sell realestate isn't it? My daughter has dropped the price of their gorgeous condo several times. They keep getting people who look but they don't put down an offer. Sigh.

I've never seen a bluebird. They look so pretty in pictures.

Oh... and I have always loved hostas! I haven't seen them here in Hawaii.

Joyce said...

I am so happy that you are having beautiful weather. It's so uplifting. We've had the coldest winter in years here in FL, but today was gorgeous. Glad you're feeling better too!!

Bella Foxx said...

It was a beautiful day here too, my friend and I went to the library, walked up and down main street to get lunch then ate it at the park.

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