Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Greenery all around!

I started to decorate for Christmas last night and I realized how much Christmas Greenery I put around the house. I was surprised how much I use in my decorating! I definitely don't have all my decorating done but I was making notes on how much greenery I will need. I put some on the mantel, around the Nativity on the sofa console table, in urns (inside and out), around the large white wooden swan I have, on the kitchen and dining room table, on a few little tables I have around the family room and on the banisters. I went on pinterest and found these really beautiful ideas I thought I would share with all of you. Hope it gives you some inspiration and ideas!

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I love this idea! Ice Skates on a greenery swag or wreath for your door. I have ever put my skates on a sled with some greenery and a beautiful cranberry velvet bow.

If you are lucky enough to have a wooden wheelbarrow, you could spruce it up this time of year with greenery and red berries. A few white twigs might be nice too!

A simple swag of different kinds of greenery make any door look festive!

This is such a simple idea-take any size can add greenery and a ribbon and you have a centerpiece!

I love greenery on the banister and this photo has some lovely ideas.

Can't forget the mantel. I love greenery and pinecones for mine!

I thought this was a really nice idea either for your home or as a gift. Put some little trees in crocks, pots, antique vases, etc. You could add ribbon or maybe some cranberries to the little tree (only if it is sturdy enough) or sprinkle with glitter!

Hope this gave you all some great ideas! Happy decorating!


  1. Oh I love greenery, my parents always decorate with it!

    Victoria xx

  2. Gorgeous! As soon as my girls' birthdays are over I will get busy on Christmas. Thanks for the inspirations, Sherri!:) Lori

  3. Sherri, these are some wonderful ideas. In fact, the third photo from the bottom.....2 years ago I copied that idea! Here is a link to my post so you can see.

  4. What a fun collection of pictures you've found Sherri! I love that banister...wish I had one...but I could still put the bucket of greenery & the presents up the steps...hmmmmm! You've always got us thinking!

  5. I love all the pics, but I want to see YOUR decorating. :<) Do you use real greens? Do they last the whole month? I've never used greens in the house except for the tree of course, which we get tomorrow! Yay!
    Do people ice skate anymore? Even around here where there are still rinks, it is rare to see anyone but very little kids, often with parents.

  6. Nan, I usually use fake greenery inside. It dries out too much and I don't want a fire hazard. This weekend I'm going to take real greenery and put it in the black urns out front with some red berries and maybe some white twigs. I will be posting pictures of my decorations when I get everything done. Hopefully this weekend! Keep your fingers crossed. I don't see many people ice skating anymore. There is a skating rink not too far from where my one daughter lives and it is always packed with kids and their parents! I have my skates from when I was little.

  7. Great inspiration - decorating is so much fun! :-)

  8. I only have my artificial tree and I'm really wanting some pine scent. Sigh...

  9. Nothing says Christmas like greenery!


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