Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas Holiday Decorating Ideas

I know it is kind of early to think about Christmas decorating when Thanksgiving hasn't even arrived yet. I know I need to plan things out early enough so I can decorate and then enjoy the holiday season. I was just looking over at at some of the beautiful ideas over there and I thought I would share them with you.

(all photos via

I love the rich colors in this blanket and what a great idea for a tablecloth or maybe even a runner.

Someone had taken a little cutting from their boxwood shrub and put it in this little white vase. The perfect Christmas tree!! I love it!

I have a painted blue cupboard in my dining room and I could easily do this type of decorating. Very pretty!

When I saw these pillows on that white couch I knew I want to do this! I have a creamy/white couch and pillow like this would look great on it for the holiday!

Well that is it for now. I hope these ideas have gotten your creative juices flowing!! Have a great day!


mysteryhistorymom said...

Stunningly gorgeous, Sherri! I LOVE that last picture with the white couch and pillows!!! I also love the first picture! I love them all!:) And your blog looks amazing!!:) Lori

Sherri said...

Lori-thanks so much, you really are a sweetheart!!

NanaDiana said...

Hi Sherri- I saw your comment on my friend, Debbie's blog (lakehouse) and I thought-that is MY kinda gal-especially when you have a name like Sherri's Jubilee (I wonder how many people GET that?;>) Anyway-I love this blog post and I am signing up as a follower. I LOVE those pillows! Hugs- Diana ps..I might be just a tad crazier than you but I think we can still be friends!;>)

Sherri said...

Diana, I'm really glad you stopped by. I just stopped by your blog! I think we can be friends too! After all we are both Nana's!!

Denise from Beaded Embellishments said...

I love those pillows too! Have you any idea where they can be purchased?

Sherri said...

Denise, the place where those pillows were made is sold out but my friend Heidi Devlin makes beautiful pillows just like that and if you go to her etsy site, she would probably do them as a special order. Here is the link to her site:

Kay said...

These are beautiful, Sherri. I think all the retailers are already thinking Christmas. I see Christmas decorations everywhere!

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