Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Oval Copper Earrings!

I just finished these textured oval copper earrings! I call them firelight. I put them on my site. You got to, click on the drop down box and click on Seller. In the box to the right of Seller put in cherylmcdermitt1. When my page comes up you click on cherylmcdermitt1 again and my entire page comes up. I had alot of fun creating these earrings, so I made 2 prs.!


Vickie said...

GORGEOUS!!! I love how you are displaying them, too.

Sherri said...

Thanks so much Vickie! I am trying to be creative in my photography too! I sold one pair of these earrings already! There is only 1 left, but I'll probably be making some more of these.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Sherri, beautiful. I love copper.

I fIND it hard to photograph jewelry. I was trying to get a good shot of a necklace I made and wasn't happy with any. Your pictures are really good.

Sherri said...

Marnie-I take the camera off auto focus and do the focus manually. It does take quite some time to get the perfect picture though. I think I have found great ways to do this now.

Happy@Home said...

Very pretty, Sherri.
I think you did a very nice job displaying them and photographing them too.

Dar said...

Hi Sherri, did you ever email me your address for Time of My Life? I can't seem to find it in my mail at all. Can you send it to me again at:


Bonnie said...

These are gorgeous Sherri! I love the way that you photographed them as well. What kind of camera do you have?

Donna at Mourning Dove Cottage said...

These are gorgeous, Sherri! I've got to check out your etsy shop.

You do beautiful work.


Sherri said...

Dar, I did e-mail you the first time you asked. I'll e-mail you again. Thanks!

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