Sunday, September 27, 2009

The weekend in Virginia was wonderful!

John and I had a really great time in Virginia! It was fun, relaxing, entertaining and just what we needed! We arrived on Friday around 4:30 and went over to Tommy Brown's Rodeo place. He has rodeos there but he also has an old saloon he created and a barn filled with carriages. Didn't get pictures of those because I thought we would go back over there but never did. The weekend just flew by! We did however, get to a cidery and sampled 4 different kinds of hard cider and 1 brandy cider. We also sampled 5 different cheeses! I bought 2 bottles of the cider to bring home. I'll break them out during the holidays! Teddy had a wonderful time swimming in the creek (looked like a small river to us). He is sleeping right now he is so tired out! It rained all day yesterday but that didn't stop us. We took a hike up the side of the hill, which ended up being about 3 miles. The tree canopy kept us pretty dry but we were a little soggy when we got back to the house. It was wonderful anyway. Then Penny, my co-workers wife and I went to the cidery and did our cider/cheese tour. Yummy! Then we headed back to the house to feed the boys the ziti I had brought. Then Penny, Gaius and their two boys headed back to Charlotte. They had a Zak Brown concert to go to for Gaius' birthday. So John and I read, napped and then had dinner together. We woke up this morning so well rested and relaxed and the sun was shining brightly! We took Teddy over to the creek/river for a swim, which he loved! Had breakfast and then read our books out on the front porch. The rocking chairs, view, company and everything was just wonderful! We headed back to Charlotte at 2:00, stopped at Cracker Barrel for a late lunch, stopped at PetSmart for a new collar for Teddy (he lost his in the river). We are caught up with the laundry and ready to chill for the night! What a fabulous weekend! Here are the pictures of the weekend-enjoy!

This is the bridge to the house we stayed in this weekend.

Here is where we stayed!

This view is from the side driveway.

The owner built a bellfry on the house, it really works too!

We were sitting on the rocking chairs on the front porch and this was our view to the horse barn.


This was our Master Bedroom! We took this from the huge Master Bathroom. It was wonderful!

There was a little sitting area off the Master Bedroom.

The Master Bath jacuzzi tub and bathroom itself was huge (as you can see).

This is the woodstove that was in one of the many sitting areas downstairs.

This is the fireplace and a huge antique safe built in the stone in the Great Room.

There was a bar area in the great room.


See how much Teddy loved the river. He was going after a stick John had thrown to him.

This is definitely an action shot. Teddy just got out of the river and was shaking himself off-yuck!

This was inside the horse barn. What beautiful stalls these horses had. The owner doesn't keep horses there anymore, which is a shame because the barn and stalls were gorgeous!

The Creek/River in front of the house.


  1. Woooow! I thought the place we stayed at on the Big Island was fancy but this place is even more incredible. I'm amazed. Really glad you had such a restful, wonderful time.

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing time and what a fabulous place you stayed in.

    Victoria xx

  3. The inside is really nice. I would have enjoyed some time in the jacuzzi;) Sitting in the rockers and reading a good book sounds nice too.

  4. What a beautiful place to get away and relax! Congrats on selling your house!

  5. Beautiful home in my eyes. Love the design and the color so perfect.

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  6. Your home is so lovely. I love all the little special touches, have such an eye for detail. :)

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