Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What a great time Jenny and I last night!

Jenny arrived at my house even before I did. John was still home so they had a chance to chat for a bit. When I got home Jenny and I went to Harris Teeter to buy the birthday cake for the office. We also found out Breyers Ice Cream was on sale, if you bought 2 you got 3 free!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!! We were little piggys and did buy them! I sent some home with Jenny for her and Kevin to enjoy! I then made hamburgers from my Dad's home grown beef and grilled them on the grill. Boy were they yummy! Good thing I'm going back North the beginning of October I'm almost out of beef! When we got eating and clean up out of the way we headed to the jewelry table! I made Jenny a pair of earrings with some vintage owl beads she had. She loves owls as much as I do! Then she had made a cloud out of clay, baked that and she had me connect beads to it (which were a pretty blue) to make it look like the cloud was raining. She saw a necklace in an expensive magazine, which was very similar but it was really expensive. I actually like the one we made much better! We gave it out own touch!! Jenny took alot of pictures of my jewelry except my camera was cooperating and they came out blurry. She gave me some great ideas though. This morning I took some and of course, the were fine-nice and clear. I'll be putting some more things on etsy.com tonight. John has to work so I'll also be making some new creations. I hope my "Thingamajig" comes really soon so I can make even more cool earrings!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! SMILE!


  1. Hi Sherri,
    I love the fall look over here at your blog. I'm so ready for fall and love our cooler temperatures.
    It sounds like you are having fun making jewelry.

  2. What fun and burgers... yummm my favourite!

    Victoria x

  3. I wish I knew somebody in my area that was interested in jewelry making.

  4. Sounds like you had a fabulous day! Good luck with your jewelry selling. I just looked up etsy.com and saw what that site was about. Looks like fun!


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