Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday Drive and Sunday Stroll

John and I decided to go to the library on Saturday. When we were done, we headed out for a drive. We love to look at the architecture of homes and buildings. We drove to 3 neighborhoods, which have beautiful homes in them. The first one was Giverny. I wasn't able to take pictures of the homes since there was alot of traffic and no where to pull over. We then headed to Dillworth. I love this area because there are so many homes in the Craftsman Style! Absolutely gorgeous. Then on to Myers Park area. These homes are so beautiful and very expensive. I really like Dillworth area the best. I love a more cottage feel, but it is nice to see the "big houses" too! We drove past Freedom Park after that. We stopped at a pizza place and had 2 slices. What a really lovely day! Today John and I took a walk around our neighborhood and then down the street to the next one. You'll see all the pics from that walk too! Hope you enjoy our Saturday Drive and our Sunday stroll!

The Dillworth section of Charlotte has alot of craftsman style homes. This was my favorite when we drove through here on Saturday.

Myers Park is an older section of Charlotte, with multi-million dollar homes. Here is one of them!

This is Freedom Park in Charlotte. They are getting ready for the Art Festival, which starts 9/24.

Queens Road West has some very old and very beautiful homes on it. Queens College is right off this road, which is of course on Queens Road.

There is a section of Charlotte called Giverny. The streets are tree-lined (as you can see). It is very beautiful through here.

There are 2 camellia bushes right outside our front door. They are loaded with buds. I can't wait until late November or the beginning of December for them to bloom.

The decorative grasses are blooming around our neighborhood now. Here is a low growing one. It actually is in a group of 5 but I liked this one the best!

These beautiful little begonias are growing across the way in the center courtyard here where we live. They had just been watered by the irrigation system and looked sparkly!

On our walk there were alot of decorative grasses blooming. I really love these.

These Paperbark River Birch Trees are growing around the perimeter of the courtyard in our neighborhood. The just reach towards the sky-how beautiful!

Look at the wonderful bark on this beautiful tree!

I don't know what shrub this is but the red leaves are gorgeous this time of year!

This rock wall is in the next neighborhood over. John and I really love the curve of it!

Here is a closeup of the rock wall. We love all the many different colors in the rocks.


  1. What wonderful homes, thank you for sharing your drive with us.

    Victoria xx

  2. What a beautiful homes. You are blessed to live in such a lovely place. Clarice

  3. I like the first house best : ) Beautiful pics, Sherri.

  4. Whay lovely photos! We love looking at homes as well. I love the old craftmen style homes, but because my husband is not the least bit handy, we have always gravitated towards newer home.

    Your stone wall is so pretty, as are the flowers. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love your photos, and I think you are an excellent photographer with a good eye for composition.

  6. I love that wall too! Your pics are great. Lovely homes and neighborhoods. Thanks for sharing your day. :)

    Have a great week!

  7. I love camelias, too. Those ornamental grasses really are beautiful. Have a great week.

  8. Really enjoyed you photos. Sunday afternoon we drove thru some lovely neighborhoods in this area. I love looking at homes and gardens, lot of ideas.


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